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Why marketers need data to find leads

Clever marketers can use data to find, engage and convert the right customers.

Brett Shaw from scvbespoke.co.uk explains how to turn cold data into hot leads.

So, let’s assume you’re marketing a product or service to a specific group of individuals. To sell your goods/service, you’ll need to get in front of key decision-makers within organizations that may be interested in purchasing it. To tell your tale, you’ll need an audience that will listen. Where can you discover these people?

Before you can execute a successful outbound sales and marketing campaign, you must first establish a method of reaching out to the key purchasers for the product or service you offer. You should be able to identify who your primary target audience is, although even knowing this inside and out, you’ll need to know how and where to reach them.

What about GDPR?

Fortunately, in B2B sales, you can contact a person without them agreeing to an ‘opt-in’ if you have a genuine business proposal that you believe will benefit them. However, if someone requests not to be contacted by you again or opts out of receiving messages from you, then you must comply with their wishes and avoid contacting them again.

Then you’ll need high-quality data. This may be a difficult procedure, and if you’re not careful, you might end up losing a lot of time and money only to find out that the data you collected is inaccurate or out-of-date. There are many data suppliers out there who provide incorrect or outdated contact information and are only too happy to sell it to you.

When you have good data, you can finally start your outbound sales process by creating a campaign.

Finding Your Data

How do you go about selecting a reputable data source? To begin with, consider your sector. For example, the legal industry is distinct and separate from other industries. You may have a product/service that lawyers would benefit from but that not all law firms may be able to use.

If the data provider you’re considering allows for a free trial or a method of sampling the information before buying a large quantity, that would be really beneficial. If you can’t locate an example of their data, it’s very unlikely they have good data.

Take a look at the data they’re offering. You’d want to believe that if you’re buying data, it would be accurate and up to date. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to demand full accuracy or at least near-perfection.

Last but not least, having it in little installments might be beneficial when purchasing data. There may be no point in obtaining 20,000 contacts on your desk and then having to maintain it clean if you’re going to have your sales staff call through them one by one.

We are not simply a data provider, we have experience in the legal sector and with outbound sales and marketing campaigns, so we can assist you not only get 100% correct and up to date information, but also help you make the most of it and reach your key target audience.